Capacitor Bank
Thermography Test On Capacitor Bank
Thermography test on Main Distribution Board


♦ Advance Thermography testing & certification on LV panels, capacitor bank, DB, cable terminations and all related electrical system accessible for thermal imaging to identify hot spots.

♦ Study of electrical system under the scope against the captured IR images.

♦ Inspect for overloaded cables, overburden Busbar with its thermal behavior.

♦ Inspect for loose connections, improve wiring & termination of cables against the IR images.

♦ Inspect for any inductive heat generation in this cables.

♦ Inspect for any temperature rise due to Inrush/Surge currents.

♦ Inspect the thermal behaviour of Breakers ( ACB, MCCB, MCB, Isolators etc ), cable & Busbar against the maximum load demand of connected load.

♦ Inspect the control circuit components ( Transformer, Relay etc ) & Measurement Transformers ( CT & PT ) against the thermal characteristics. 

♦ Inspect the ECCI looping of armored cables in the LV panels for its thermal characteristics.

♦ Inspect the healthiness of the electrical panels, cables & components against the Room/Surrounding temperature.

♦ Preparation & submission of engineering test / Investigation reports with findings and recommendations.

♦ Validation of rectification & certification of the panels against the test reports.

Thermography test on distribution board
Thermography test on distribution board


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Thermography on LV Panels
Thermography on LV Panels
Hot panel
Hot panel
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