Power Quality Analyzing tests of electrical parameters including voltage, current, active reactive & apparent powers, power loss, reverse power, power factor, phase angles, load balance, transient, rapid voltage changes, inrush currents, etc. With system generated reports &n recommendations.

Harmonic Analysis of network. Measurement of voltage & current distortions, THD, distortional power factor up to 50th Harmonic level with system generated reports & recommendations.

Advanced Thermography Test on the electrical panels. Testing & Inspection of the Earth pits associated with the electrical network.

 Perform Earth Testing of the Electrical panels. Testing & Inspection of the Earth pits

 Perform Loop Impedance & Earth Fault Loop Impedance tests from the distribution points against the fault rating of the system.

PAT Testing of the portable Appliances.

RCD Trip testing of residual current devices.

Fault current Injection Testing of socket outlets against the earth fault protection.

Insulation Residence Testing of distribution boards & connected cables.

♦ Visual Inspection of the healthy status of all the Electrical panels/Switches & Sockets with standard checklist.

♦ Inspect the Type, rating & method of tripping of all protective devices as per the load & ambient circumstances, kA rating combinations, mA rating of residual current devices. Verify adequate protective devices are installed for the particular load.

♦ Inspecting the status of under voltage protection devices with their time delay units.

♦ Inspect the panels & electrical network for undersized, overloaded, Non-standard & Wrong cables. Also Inspect for the unsafe wiring, Trunking & dressing of wires.

♦ Inspect the condition of electrical rooms, Labeling of panels, and accessibility of panels at emergency situations.

♦ Inspect the physical status of enclosures, Din Rails, & mounting mechanism for damage, unauthorized openings, and corrosion of metallic objects.

♦ Inspect the status of mechanical linkages in the current carrying bus way systems, cable terminations & other parts.

♦ Inspect healthy condition of the insulators.

♦ Preparation & Submission of Engineering test reports with findings and recommendations.

Validation of Rectification & Certification of panels against the test reports.


CareLabs offers a unique service as a part of our electrical commissioning whereby we use a Thermal Imaging Device as part of our test equipment when proving and witnessing electrical systems.

The following systems are generally independently tested under the electrical commissioning package:-

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